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Born and brought in Sri Amritsar Sahib, Tarundeep Singh tries to live and breath the teachings of the Gurus. He is on a journey of exploring himself, his faith and culture using his background in Science and Academics. While through all this, his growth as a traveller, observer and storyteller has helped to mould him as an ambassador of the fun loving, yet calm, Sikhi way of life. Being an active member of the Ambarsariya community, he tries make you feel at home with the lovely locals right away. As a student of life, he loves to engage in long engaging conversations and takes questions about his people and their way of living comfortably. An ardent student of music, he through his organisation, teamFATEH(Fraternity of Active citizens Tending Environment Holistically) and other beautiful human beings, has been curating an early morning, monthly musical concert, “Amrit Sawer” in his city. His ongoing effort to keep learning helps him to see and interpret the tangible as well as intangible heritage of the city he loves in myriad colours and dimensions. Join him to live the sikhi way of life with plenty of singing and making merry;)