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Google Giveth, Google Taketh

Written by Roobaroo Team

There was a time when, if I wanted to know something, I had to work hard for it.

So I want to know the names of sea forts off India’s West coast? It would go like this… Ask a few elders (They don’t know); look up the atlas (no sign of any forts); visit the library and look for a book on forts (there’s a book, but it features only a few land-based forts). I would then just give up. Some years later, I would happen to visit people in Mumbai, and the topic would pop up again. And an old uncle would say nonchalantly, “There are more than 400 forts in this state and some like Zanjeera are in the sea”. Pure joy!

Then came Google.

Google giveth. Google had all the answers. And it would yield the answers to me without any struggle, without me having to run around. The word ‘search’ lost its frantic quality, and gave way to 30 seconds of finger-play.

Google also taketh. Information-at-the-fingertips is like munching on a ready supply of peanuts the whole day… you just never feel hungry anymore. The satisfaction of the chase is gone. Before you visit a destination, you’ve already seen it in photos online. I miss the roller coaster ride of ‘almost found it’ moments and ‘another dead end’ sighs.

Information on a platter is bland. I want something more lively. I want the blood pumping again.

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