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Photography Workshop – With Nat Geo Fame Harry Fisch

Written by Roobaroo Team

Living in one of the most photogenic cities in the world makes you want to pick up the Camera and start experimenting yourself. Such was the case with us, and a lot of our friends living here in Varanasi 🙂 Last year, sometime around Aug 2015, while trying to research online on some tips and tricks, we came across the name of Harry Fisch, a National Geographic Fame Photographer who has been deeply interested in Varanasi and often visits the city to capture her diffferent charms. Out of wishful thinking, more than anything else, we decided to write to him about the possibility of conducting a workshop for us enthusiastic newbies, the next time he planned on visiting here. And to our delight, not only did we received a reply, he also shared told us about his next visit which was scheduled for December later that year. Needless to say, we jumped on the opportunity and requested him to block 3 hours of his time 🙂 Social media helped rack up a decent number of sign-ups. Cometh the date, we were all ready to learn from the much acclaimed photographer. And Harry did not disappoint! Quickly skimming through the basics of Shutter Speed and Exposure, he spent most of the time giving us guidelines for picture composition – Diagonal lines, Empty and Full spaces, Points of Focus and much more! His friendly disposition meant we got to ask all the questions we had in our mind. He also provided several anecdotal references from his expeditions to the jungles of Africa and Indian cities.


Above all he said, play around with the rules – create your own ordered disorder, and think of every picture as conveying a story, and not just capturing a memory! Thank you Harry, for the highly informative and super-fun workshop. We will look forward to your next trip to Varanasi 🙂

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