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Pottery workshop at Roobaroo House

Written by Roobaroo Team

Pottery is among the oldest crafts known to humankind. Utensils made from clay have been instrumental in the settlement of civilisations, and the toys have brought smiles to billions of kids since time immemorial. In Varanasi, clay artefacts are among the oldest excavated from the ruins, helping science put a date to this oldest continuously living city in the world. Tea, and other milk products continue to be served in Clay pots, popularly called Kulhads or Purvas, and increase their taste and feel by multifold 🙂 We organised a Pottery workshop in Roobaroo House to help people see up-close the working of the age-old Pottery wheel and the audience was spellbound as Ramesh, a final year student at the Fine Arts faculty in BHU (Banaras Hindu University) moulded magic from clay! The participants themselves tried their hands at the wheel too, albeit with varying degrees of success, but the joy of creating something with their own hands was far more than the accuracy in shapes 😉


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