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Travel Documentary – Ganga, The Soul Of India

Written by Roobaroo Team

Ganga is often said to be the single biggest symbol of the Indian culture. For over 3,000 years she has nurtured many a millions living along her banks, and often been the breathing ground for several defining moments in Indian history. Recognising her role as India’s soul, Living Foodz, a National TV channel, decided to make a documentary on Life and Culture along the banks of Ganga, with a special emphasis on unique new initiatives driven by youth that could potentially change the society in today’s times. Their quest led them to Varanasi, and here they found our Cultural Centre, Roobaroo House, worthwhile of covering on their show. On our part, we were happy for the recognition, a chance to be featured on National Television, and for an opportunity to host a favourite actress, Dia Mirza! 🙂 On the day of the shoot, the Living Foodz crew arrived about 3 hours in advance, with over 20 people, and a truck-load full of shooting equipment! Dia reached at about 5pm, and it was quite a nice experience having a former Ms. Asia Pacific, a wonderful actress and a great human being walk into Roobaroo House! Poonam Didi, who helped us with the Kitchen back then, went into a state of shock while serving Chai (A herbal one with Fennel and Licorise) to Dia, though she later waived it off saying she’d have rather preferred Govinda coming in 😉 Our conversations spanned a wide array of topics – from Indian Heritage, Films, Philosophy and the Digital age. We enjoyed a nice music jamming session between Indian students & International travellers. Dia herself tried hands at Pottery – which she’d learnt as a kid! And when a Painting artist offered to make a portrait for Dia, she instead chose to have a profile of a Tiger painted to symbolise her NGO’s efforts in the conservation of the big cat.


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