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Zubaan – Independent Music Movement

Written by Roobaroo Team

India has always had a very rich tradition of music – both Classical as well as Folk. However, with many artists today trying to conform to the homogenous standards of Bollywood, the diversity is somewhere getting compromised and the independent artists are not always getting the platform they so deserve. Zubaan is working towards bridging this gap to develop a market for independent music in India. Their first attempt is to organize pop-up music festivals in different corners of the country throughout the year. Just like we have had ‘Melas’ and ‘Sabhas’ as an integral part of our culture, these festivals bring people together to celebrate the ever-auspicious occasions of making and listening to music! We liked the concept and loved their philosophy, and thus joined in their Varanasi chapter. Artists from different parts of India, with varied styles and influences, came together with the Classical and Folk musicians in Varanasi! We hosted them at Roobaroo House for over a week in Jan 2016, and helped in the organisation of concerts across Varanasi – from Nukkad concerts at Ghats, Gallis, Hostels, University Campus and Roobaroo House! Such was the atmosphere created by the artists that music lovers joined in not just for the final performances, but also improvised jamming sessions 🙂


Kanishka holding the audience spellbound with his soul-stirring voice, backed electronic music


Shailendra ji (Harmonium and Vocals), Kavish (Guitar and Vocals) and Ganesh ji (Tabla) playing it up on the Ghats


Kanishka, once again setting the mood in the gallis of Varanasi


Kavish and Manohar Lal ji moving the audience with their revolutionary songs. And here is a short film capturing elements of their week-long stay in Varanasi! https://youtu.be/WQUmc00HdjM

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